Kilchoman Beach

Absolutely stunning day on Kilchoman Beach – so warm and still…


Found ‘Kate’s Rockpool’, named after my colleague Kate who went swimming in it this week, even though it must have been freezing…


…glad she also explained that the local farmers plough the beach to sharpen their ploughs, or I would have been flummoxed by this pattern in the sand:


Hope this superb weather holds for a few more days  :0)

Islay Archers

Hello everybody, apologies for another long delay in hearing from me… hopefully I am emerging from hibernation now and posting frequency will increase over the coming months as there are more interesting things to report!

The only activity which has seen me venturing into the chilly outdoors over the last few weeks has been the new archery club just established on Islay. I’ve never tried archery before and it’s been great fun having a go.


Pleased that I managed to get three arrows in a line and burst the balloon on the target…


…and thoroughly approve of the Bruichladdich tins as arrow repositories: