First weekend…

Morning everyone,

well I haven’t had as much chance to start exploring this weekend as I would have liked – Open University course work to do and also the weather has been interesting, to say the least! However, here are a few photos from my brief trip out yesterday…


Bowmore Harbour – all things being equal, if the flat I’ve seen comes to fruition, I’ll be living less than quarter of a mile from here.



Bowmore Distillery – ooh the competition!  ;o)



Islay Airport – it’s tiny!




Found a lovely wood absolutely carpeted with snowdrops – also in the graveyard next door – yes I have already been indulging my gothic tendencies and wandering around in graveyards…



Finally made it across to the Atlantic as well – this very beautiful beach is Machir Bay – on the list for a more extensive explore when the weather isn’t gale force winds and driving rain…



View from my window this morning – small amount of snow today.


I’ll write some more extensive/useful posts as time goes on and I research more about the island… also upload some video and proper photos from big camera once I have broadband – all this is being done via my phone at the moment, the poor thing is melting!

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