Marauding sheep…

It’s been a lovely day here today and I did some more exploring – took quite a few photos on my serious camera which I’ll upload when I have some bandwidth. In the meantime, here are some snaps…

Made it to Kildalton Church today to see ‘in the stone’ the cross I drew for Greene Island’s logo… Lovely place, incredibly peaceful.

The cross is estimated to be 1,300 years old. The design of the cross with the circle may originate from Iona or Ireland.

I’d really recommend a visit to Kildalton Church if coming to Islay, the drive to it is beautiful too. I came across an unexpected animal in the road on the way – not a sheep but a peacock!

Also took in a few more distilleries today – Lagavulin…

…and Ardbeg…

Still got a few more to visit before I’ve got the full set :o)

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