Busy Saturday…

Well it’s been a busy day of domestic chores, flat-related stuff and Open University course work… at the moment I’m really not sure where exploring the island and the surrounding Hebrides, and writing some useful in-depth posts, are going to fit in!

Things I saw today… the CalMac ferry in at Port Ellen – there’s been a few cancellations this week due to the weather (wind, not snow), so that’s good news.


Bagged another distillery, Laphroaig – they have palm trees!



An actual plane at the airport – much bigger aircraft than the one I flew to Barra on last year. Guess this means that some of the airports on the big island must be open at last!


The first daffodils of the year…


Still no snow here but it is bitterly cold… hope you’re all safe and cosy at home  :0)

3 thoughts on “Busy Saturday…

  1. Lovely pictures Kaz – we’ve had a lot of snow. Even SL has been closed, no public transport.

    We built an igloo today!


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    • Hi Jude, I assume they’re waiting to be shipped off somewhere, but I don’t really know. There is some forestry on the island, unlike other Hebrides it does have trees! I’ll ask around and see if I can find out some more info… :0)


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