DIY Weekend

Hello everyone,

well I still don’t seem to be getting much time for exploring at the moment – I’ve spent most of the weekend DIYing on the flat on Bowmore, but that’s nearing completion now, so maybe next weekend I’ll be able to get out and about! I live in hope of having broadband at home during the course of next week as well…

Here is the living room – nearly finished – best buy is the light shade from Ikea, who would have thought some crumpled-up paper could be so effective? Not sure about the rug though, it’s rather busy and stressful – what do you think?


The bird feeder from Home Bargains has been a massive hit with the locals – I had to fill it up again this morning, it was full to the top on Tuesday. I think that’s some sort of enormous Islay starling in the photo – sorry it’s not very good quality, taken on my phone which happened to be at hand …


Jude you were asking me about the timber stacked up on the dockside – I think I was wrong, it is being imported to Islay rather than being exported. It’ll be used for building and so forth I think. Here is a ship unloading timber at Port Ellen yesterday.


There are quite a few trees on Islay but not many large ones. There is a project ongoing at the moment to plant thousands of trees to create a World War One Commemorative Woodland at Storakaig. Nice idea.

There have been quite a few snow showers here today – not sticking of course, just blowing around – and it’s very chilly, so not ideal weather for walking.

I’m pretty much ready to receive visitors at Chez Kaz now – there are a couple of guest bedrooms in the development that can be booked for visitors at a very reasonable price as well, if you need a bit more space. So get booked in!


2 thoughts on “DIY Weekend

    • Thank you! Can’t decide about the rug – rugs are just so expensive… sigh.

      The shells aren’t from Islay – I’d like to point out, before anyone accuses me of raiding the beaches! I actually found them in the garage in Sheffield when we were clearing it – I think some of them were my mum’s. Definitely tropical, not Hebridean! They make great ornaments :0)


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