Spring on its way?

It’s been a beautiful day here today – the first time there’s really been some warmth in the air – foggy this morning though and a haar coming in again now, obviously due to the increase in temperature…

Not as much exploring undertaken this weekend as might have been desirable, due to the inevitable domestic chores, but here are some photos from my trip out earlier today – I decided to visit some of the landmarks I pass every day on my way to work.


This is a monument to a chap called John Francis Campbell, who apparently (from the info on the monument) was a great supporter and recorder of Celtic culture and Gaelic language and stories. He was buried in Cannes – which seems quite sad for such an ardent Scot. Poor guy.

Great view from the monument – it’s actually higher above the head of Loch Indaal than is really apparent from these photos – here is looking back towards Bowmore…


And here is the view in the other direction, towards the west – one of the frequent flocks of geese that provide the soundtrack to Islay visible on the sand…


Then I carried on a bit further round the head of Loch Indaal – turning left at the junction in Bridgend towards Bruichladdich…


The Strand at Uskentuie – some of the early morning fog lingering over Loch Indaal.


This has to be the triangulation point nearest mean sea level I’ve ever visited!


View back towards Bridgend.


View in the opposite direction towards Bruichladdich, which is the collection of white buildings you can see, with the new warehouses for the distillery spreading up the hillside behind. The new warehouses will enable Bruichladdich’s whisky to be stored on the island during its ageing process – a critical component in the Islay heritage of the spirit.

2 thoughts on “Spring on its way?

  1. Poor John Francis Campbell may have been one of those expats you meet -who’ll constantly tell you how great there homeland is while secretly vowing never to return.

    I have to say Islay is looking fab.


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