Long Walk…

Yesterday was a beautiful day and I finally had chance to enjoy some serious walking.

Here is my route – blue line is the bus journey out to The Machrie (the driver dropped me off at the end of the drive to The Machrie even though there isn’t a stop there – the buses are flexible on Islay!) and the red line is my walk back all the way along ‘The Big Strand’, as the beach in Laggan Bay is known, with a little diversion to have a look at the Laggan River.


The temperature was just right for walking, it was warm but there was a breeze blowing so it didn’t get too hot. Here are some of the things I saw along the way…


The Machrie Hotel is undergoing some serious refurbishment at the moment – a big project – due to reopen in the summer I believe. They’ve been recruiting staff recently.


A golf course with no golfers, perfect!  ;0)


Lots of lambies around at the moment.


Blimey I’ve walked all that way!

I didn’t see a soul on the whole length of the beach. Thoroughly recommended for an extensive walk on a nice day.

Many thanks to Ordnance Survey as ever for their excellent mapping of our country.

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