Favourite bit of road…

Is it strange having a favourite bit of road? This is mine on the island – on my way to/from work every day – the road narrows over a bridge so you have to drive in the middle, there is good visibility in both directions so you can see that it’s clear and go sweeping through without slowing down – it’s great  :0)


2 thoughts on “Favourite bit of road…

  1. Hi Kaz – I do enjoy your blog!

    I’m currently on a train after a mad dash on the sleeper to Salisbury, collecting a vintage bass guitar and avoiding nerve agents. Then back via London again and home in time for supper. London seemed pretty laid back and sunny this afternoon. Oxford Street could have been on a different planet to your favoured tarmac superhighway though.
    Keep it up – is the work OK?


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  2. Hiya mate – Salisbury is a lovely place isn’t it? I have a friend living near there – I joked with her about her being a Russian spy! Vintage bass sounds exciting, do send pictures! What is it? The weather here was absolutely beautiful yesterday but today it’s been really rainy all day – the road picture was taken a few days ago – I think we have the weather today that the south east had yesterday. Had a supplier visiting for the last couple of days who’s based in Essex, I think he was pretty blown away by how different it is up here… Work is all good, also all different! Are you going to come and visit? :0)


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