The weather was pretty tempestuous on Islay yesterday – heavy rain and blowing a gale all day – a classic weather front…

Frontal System

So we spent most of the day in the relative location of the green city (please note there are no skyscrapers on Islay…) with the front parked on top of us. Then about 16.40, the lowest part of the front came through bringing black skies, howling winds and horizontal rain – I apologise for the absence of images of this but I was cowering in the distillery – next time I will risk life and camera venturing out to get some photos!

The poor little heating oil tanker stood no chance of being able to dock at Bruichladdich Pier and was anchored in the loch all day – I think the sailors must have been feeling a bit green. This shot, taken at around 17.30, gives no idea of how rough it had been only an hour earlier.


Then it all cleared away in double-quick time and by yesterday evening we had beautiful high cirrus clouds…



…and today is a beautiful day.


Typical weather system in the islands of the travelling Atlantic lows  :0)

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