Dry Stone Walling

I promised some more info about the dry stone walling… the course is arranged through the Islay Learning Centre and is accredited with a SQA qualification…


It’s a seven-week course taking place on Saturdays 10am to 4pm and we’re rebuilding a collapsed wall at Neriby Farm near Mulindry. The first week was a theory class about the history and some background to dry stone walling, how techniques vary around the country due to the different types of rock available and the basics of construction methods. There are eight of us on the course with Bernard the instructor, yesterday was week three and here is how we’re getting on…


Clearing the collapsed wall and arranging the stones ready for re-use according to size…


Foundations going down…


Here’s where we’d got to by the end of yesterday, about knee-height. Making good progress but I dread to think how long it would take working on your own!

Really very enjoyable and the weather has been absolutely scorching so far.

There is another element of theory/written work towards the end of the course, and then hopefully we’ll all gain our accreditation.

Thoroughly recommended and I’m sure more courses will be running in the future!

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