The weather is still beautiful in Islay – dry and warm – no rain to speak of for about four weeks! Today I went to visit the village of Portnahaven, which is at the southern end of the Rinns of Islay, the western arm of the island. There’s quite a long section of single-track road to get there, busy at this time of year but all the camper vans I caught up with were very considerate and let me past…



Portnahaven is ridiculously picturesque with all its white-washed cottages – it’s not chocolate-boxey though, still a working port with boats running in the harbour…


There was quite a lot of seal activity this morning and this chap was basking in the sunshine:


This is the Rinns of Islay lighthouse, which is on the island of Orsay, separated from Port Wemyss (the adjacent village to Portnahaven) by a narrow, fast-flowing channel:


That picture is straight, honestly, it’s all the street furniture that’s wonky!

Lots of beautiful flowers on the coastal path today:

…and palm trees, of course!


There are loads and loads of flag iris just coming into flower on Islay at the moment, absolutely beautiful – so the island is still yellow, having gone from daffodils, through gorse to iris:


After Portnahaven, I drove on towards Kilchiaran – still single track road but now deserted. This is a stunning part of the island and extremely quiet…


Islay is so green at the moment. I resisted the urge to sing ‘How Green is my Valleeeeee’…


Sheep on the skyline…


Kilchiaran Bay.


Kilchiaran village. The ruined building in the front is Kilchiaran Chapel and behind that is Kilchiaran Farm, which has an amazing round steading. I’m going to visit this area again so I’ll post more about it anon… well worth a trip to see it and the road from Port Charlotte is a much more enjoyable drive than the main road to Portnahaven.

4 thoughts on “Portnahaven

  1. Islay lols amazing.!! It’s been a fantastic year for irises even in London.

    On a separate note – I stored the oxalis that you sent me over winter, then forgot to plant them until a couple of weeks ago. I thought it might be a bit late in the year – but they are coming through. Very exciting. :-))

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