Really interesting walk this afternoon, ‘Geology Uncovered’ at Saligo, hosted by Dave Webster and organised by the Islay Natural History Trust…




Islay has a fantastic range of different types of rocks from different periods of the Earth’s formation – if you’ve ever wanted to know more about the landscape around you or wondered why there are so many different colours and textures of stones on Islay’s beaches, you should go on one of these walks. They take place periodically and are advertised in the VisitScotland centre in Bowmore and on INHT’s website:


Dave’s book also available – which I’m just about to dive into and hopefully understand Islay’s geology in greater detail:


And finally, I warned you to expect more rock photos, here they are!


2 thoughts on “Geology

  1. Oh I love “With Whisky Recommendations” on the book cover. Ancient rocks and whisky – a perfect combination.

    Has it got chilly on Islay? I notice everyone is wrapped up and windswept.

    Great photos – especially of Dave.

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    • Ha ha, I know, the whisky recommendations made me laugh too! No it’s still nice and warm, it was just quite wet yesterday – first day of serious rain for ages and even then, it didn’t keep going all day…


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