Clas Uig

Last weekend I went on a wildlife watching boat trip with Islay Sea Adventures. It was a really great experience, we saw sea eagles, an otter sploosh into the water, deer (the deer swim out to the small islands – who knew?) and of course, lots of seals. The trip was only supposed to last for two hours but we were out for three – the crew, Sean and Alec, were great, very knowledgeable and phenomenally good at spotting wildlife. No photos this time I’m afraid as I’d left my camera at work, but definitely a trip I’ll be taking again!

One of the aspects I found most interesting was a visit to a small rocky bay, Clas Uig. During the First World War, German U-boats hid out here. Their crews would go ashore to kill sheep in order to replenish their stores. Clas Uig is so remote that the U-boats would be very unlikely to be seen from the shore. The locals only gradually realised what was happening when farmers noticed some of their sheep going missing! The entrance to the bay is also quite narrow, so even from the sea it would be quite difficult to spot a grey u-boat tied up against the rocks.


A very atmospheric place and a fascinating story. More details here:

Islay Sea Adventures – highly recommended:

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