Dunyvaig Castle Dig

Today I visited the very interesting archaeological dig taking place at Dunyvaig Castle in Lagavulin Bay, organised by Islay Heritage in conjunction with the University of Reading.



I had a guided walk round the excavations with in-depth information provided by Lauren. The team are trying to understand more about how the castle was used through examining the structures in the courtyard and outside the scheduled monument area (the ‘vicus’ in my head, but I know that’s Romans…). Dunyvaig Castle is particularly interesting as it has a sea gate – as a fortress of the Lords of the Isles, boats were obviously critical in wielding power, organising trade and just getting around, so the team are interested to discover if the buildings in the courtyard may have been used for boat maintenance…?




There is an informative display set up in one of the tents to provide more background about the site and the team working there are all very friendly and interested to share what they’re doing with visitors. Well worth a visit – they’re there until the end of August and hopefully again in future summers when further excavations will take place, subject to funding.



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