All quiet on the western front…

Evening happy followers, my apologies for the absence of posts over the last couple of days – somehow my life still seems to be busier than it should be. I’m not complaining though, much better than being bored!

It was a lovely still evening as I was driving home from work today – unusual, the wind is generally blowing here. The sea loch was like a millpond and the water looked surprisingly light to say there was quite heavy cloud cover – these photos taken at 6.30pm…




This is the view up Bowmore Main Street to the round church, Kilarrow Parish Church. The harbour is behind me, my flat just off to the right…


And finally, my badge of being officially an islander arrived today, yippee!


4 thoughts on “All quiet on the western front…

  1. It looks gorgeous Kaz. I am very impressed that you’ve moved home, started a new job, have started and are continuing your studies and still manage to take photos and write the blog.

    No need to apologise for not posting – just pat yourself on the back.


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